Details and Information

Common Names

Oxeye daisy, ox-eye daisy, margarite, white daisy


 Oxeye daisy is a perennial that resembles the popular Shasta daisy. The stems are slender and may emerge from the root crown or the extensive root system. Lower leaves are spoon shaped and broadly toothed. The leaves are alternate and can grow up to 5 inches long and 2 inches wide and they clasp the stem of the plant. The upper leaves grow smaller towards the top of the plant. A mature Oxeye daisy may grow up to 2 feet in height with a single flower head on each one stemmed branch. The flower heads are made up of 15-30 white rays that circle the yellow button. Flowers bloom from June to August. One plant can produce over 500 seeds and seeds can remain viable in the soil for up to three years. Roots are extensive and shallow. This plant can reproduce by the root or by seeds. 

Key Features

 This plant can be hard to tell apart from the Shasta daisy, but Shasta daisy has larger flowers and the foliage tends to be bushier plants. Additionally, Shasta daisies have a root ball, while oxeye have creeping taproot.  


Oxeye daisy is highly adaptable to a variety of sites. It can grow in course to medium textured soils and can be found in moist to moderately dry sites, but does prefer abundant sunlight. This plant was planted at one time as an ornamental and escaped and is now common in native meadows, pastures, open fields, thick woodlands, waterways and roadsides. Oxeye daisy may also be found in disturbed areas, hay fields, gardens and lawns. 


There are herbicides and other control methods that commonly control oxeye daisy. Milestone + Escort (Chaparral/Opensight) have been shown to be the most effective, while 2,4-D also provides a level of control. Hand pulling can be slightly effective if done before seed establishment. For more information on these herbicides and other control methods contact the Weed and Pest office 

Other Facts

Oxeye daisy can be found in wildflower seed mixes and when purchasing please be careful that wildflower mix does not contain Oxeye daisy.